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Appearance Dates

1/26       Between Those Two Big Trees

1/27       Dan “Squirrel” Bantham’s Garage

4/29       Moosilauke Mountain Cabin

5/13       D. Boone Concert Hall Cabin

7/4         North Point Mall Cabin

7/12       Staples Center Annex Cabin

8/22       The Glenn

9/10       Where We Shall Be

9/12       Directly Under Handle Of the Little Dipper

10/22     Somerville Cabin

11/6       Perisantheeneewee Swamp Welcome Cntr.

12/1       The Batch Of Rocks With The Tide Pool

12/25     36.2419N, 116.8258W

Yosemite, CA

Olafsvik, Iceland

White Mountains, NH

Femme Osage Creek, MO

Yukon Territory

Los Angles National Forest

The Glenn

Location Undetermined


72.6 Miles South On The Appalachian Trail

Perisantheeneewee, FL

Chesterville, OR

36.2419N, 116.8258W

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