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Knots To Know

Knots, knots!  Where would the outdoorsineer be without a proper knowledge of knots?  Lying broken and bloody at the bottom of a cliff, most likely.  There can be no greater companion to the weary traveler than the noble knot.  A good knot can get you out of many dangerous situations and can open up sections […]

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How To Start A Fire Using Found Materials

When in the depths of the cruel and wonderful wilderness, there can be no more essential companion than a strong fire.  A fire marks your campsite as your own, so that fellow travelers know to leave well enough alone and stay away.  It provides light by which you may write poetry or do whittling.  And […]

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Snakes – The Worms Of The Lizard Kingdom

Snakes, or ground dragons, are a dangerous and delicious enemy that must be regarded with extreme caution. Masters of disguise, snakes reside on every continent, and have been the gruesome end of many brave outdoorsineers. Easily mistaken for vines, sticks, rope, moving sticks, other kinds of rope, and vines with tongues, they are devilishly difficult to detect. And their deception […]

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