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Anatomy of the Bee (Modern Theoretical)

A – Wing attachment point.  Bee wings are not innately grown but rather won during bee tests of strength, known as “the time of buzzing”.  Because of this hand-me-down nature of bee wings, some wings are believed to be thousands of years old, dating back to primal bees. B – Hair spikes.  The bee is […]

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The Art of Fighting Bees

A common complaint of the tent-dwelling outdoorsineer is the bee, otherwise known as the yellowjacket, wasp, bumbler, Old Mister Stings, and killer bee.  These are all local terms for the same creature – a yellow-and-black flying insect that secretes honey and feasts on bears and other meat.  Stepping into a nest, or “hive”, of a […]

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How to Set Up a Tent, Or, The Miracle of Inside, Outside: PT 3

SHELTERS YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF (for PART 1: An Introduction to Tents click here) A true outdoorsineer might prefer to create his own inside outside. Below are shelters you can make yourself. All can be constructed of available materials and little know how. The Stick with a Tarp Over It This is a fine tent, one you would […]

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