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On Berries, Stupid Berries – PT 2

Part 2 – A Challenge From Nature (for PART 1: An Introduction to Berries click here) In the course of picking berries, you may come upon a deer who is also in the process of taking some berries for its own.  Unlike you, the deer will likely not be storing the berries, but will simply […]

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On Berries, Stupid Berries – PT 1

Part 1 – An Introduction to Berries The wilderness can seem a daunting place, for it is in the wilderness that man pits his mettle against the combined mettles of nature and all its minions, and it is possible to be outwitted by some of the more cunning beasts1.  But despair not!  If one ever need find […]

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How To Remember The Difference Between Upstream And Downstream

A vexing problem that has confounded many would-be outdoorsineers is this: how does one remember the difference between the terms “upstream” and “downstream”?  Unlike the difference between left and right, which has an easy mnemonic device1, there is no easy way to remember which part of a river is upstream. This confusion has gotten many […]

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