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Snakes – The Worms Of The Lizard Kingdom

Snakes, or ground dragons, are a dangerous and delicious enemy that must be regarded with extreme caution. Masters of disguise, snakes reside on every continent, and have been the gruesome end of many brave outdoorsineers. Easily mistaken for vines, sticks, rope, moving sticks, other kinds of rope, and vines with tongues, they are devilishly difficult to detect. And their deception […]

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Tigers and the Importance of Magic

Tigers want to eat you. And as any good outdoorsineer knows, they are very good at it (bad outdoorsineers will have been eaten by tigers and thus know nothing). Even in our modern age, tigers are the number one killer of adult men after heart disease and Chinese novelty toys. Tigers are proud and noble […]

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How to Set Up a Tent, Or, The Miracle of Inside, Outside: PT 3

SHELTERS YOU CAN MAKE YOURSELF (for PART 1: An Introduction to Tents click here) A true outdoorsineer might prefer to create his own inside outside. Below are shelters you can make yourself. All can be constructed of available materials and little know how. The Stick with a Tarp Over It This is a fine tent, one you would […]

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